Polluters want to stop the biggest step America has taken to reduce carbon pollution.
Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the threat?

Climate Change

What can we do?

The Clean Power Plan

What’s the case?

Legal Foundation

Who are the opponents?


Who are the supporters?

A Broad Coalition

Major Moments
June 2013
President Obama Announces the Climate Action Plan

President Obama unveils a comprehensive plan to reduce the pollution that causes climate change, including carbon pollution from power plants.

June 2014
The EPA Proposes the Clean Power Plan

To address the threat that carbon pollution poses to public health and the economy, EPA proposes a set of common sense rules to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants: the Clean Power Plan.

August 2015
The Clean Power Plan is Finalized

EPA finalizes the Clean Power Plan – the product of extensive stakeholder outreach, public engagement, and collaboration. It will cut carbon pollution from existing power plants by 32 percent below 2005 levels.

October 2015
Polluters and their Allies File Lawsuits Against CPP

The Clean Power Plan’s formal publication in the Federal Register triggers a flurry of polluter-backed legal attacks that are consolidated into West Virginia v. United States EPA

February 2016
SCOTUS Grants Polluter Stay

In an unusual move, the Supreme Court grants a request to stay the Clean Power Plan before a lower court had heard arguments on the merits of the case. This decision was not a ruling on the legal merits of the plan.

September 2016
D.C. Circuit Oral Arguments

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit hears oral arguments in the polluter-backed lawsuit against the Clean Power Plan, known as West Virginia v. United States EPA.

By: Clark Mindock

In Pinecrest, Florida, it doesn’t even have to rain these days for the streets to flood. Rising sea levels caused by global climate change means that water from storm drains or the nearby ocean regularly covers the city. The wet stuff puts a strain on Pinecrest’s septic tanks, putting the city at continual risk of public health crises and infrastructure More

Today in Washington, DC a group of Americans from across the country, led by Pinecrest, Florida Mayor Cindy Lerner, gathered to share their stories of climate change impacts on their communities and to rally for the Clean Power Plan on the eve before an industry lawsuit to block it is heard in federal court.  See More

By: Timothy Cama

A group of Democratic state attorneys general is warning President-elect Donald Trump against repealing the Clean Power Plan, saying it would lead to more lawsuits. The group, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) and representing 14 states and five localities, wrote Thursday that it is in Trump’s best interest to preserve Obama’s More