Who are the opponents?

Polluters are denying science and trying to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, ignoring industry trends and the risk that carbon pollution poses to Americans every day.

Polluters and their political allies are driving the opposition to the Clean Power Plan. The attorneys general suing to block the Clean Power Plan have been fueled by millions in campaign contributions from polluter interests. Attorneys general who oppose the CPP and their political supporters have taken more than $4.7 million in campaign cash from polluter and energy interests in the last two election cycles. Many of those attorneys general are opposing the wishes and views of citizens in their own states – polls show the majority of Americans support the Clean Power Plan, and many cities have joined the litigation defending it, including cities from the states that are opposing it.

This lawsuit against the Clean Power Plan is seen by many as just a political attack from polluters and the politicians beholden to them. And it is just the latest in a long line of attacks from the coal and fossil fuel industry on EPA clean air programs. Instead of standing up for public health and the people they represent, the attorneys general trying to stop the Clean Power Plan are doing the bidding of the polluter interests that fund their campaigns.

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Who are the opponents?


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