Who are the supporters?

From states and cities to a broad coalition of industry, business, faith, and public health leaders, the Clean Power Plan has drawn support from a diverse group of Americans concerned about climate change.

The Clean Power Plan is supported by a vast majority of Americans. In addition, at least 19 states are moving forward with plans to transition to cleaner, safer energy.

While polluters and their political allies bring lawsuit after lawsuit to stop the transition to clean energy, states aren’t waiting around to act on climate. Why? Because states know the Clean Power Plan is good for public health and the environment. They also know it will boost their economies and create new job opportunities in their communities.

Businesses support the Clean Power Plan, too. Over 100 of America’s most iconic and successful businesses recently signed a public statement calling for “swift implementation” of the Clean Power Plan. And even power companies across the country are leaving dirty energy sources behind as the falling cost of solar, wind, and other clean energy sources drives the transition to a clean energy economy.

In April 2016, a broad coalition of businesses, states, public health, and faith organizations stepped in to support the Clean Power Plan in court. This includes 18 states, 60 municipalities, power companies like PG&E and Dominion Resources, Inc., high tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, leading consumer brands, nearly 200 members of Congress, leading national security experts like Madeleine Albright and Leon Panetta, and many more.

The range of those stepping up to defend the Clean Power Plan reflects the broad support among Americans for action on climate.

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Who are the supporters?

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