By: Timothy Cama

A group of Democratic state attorneys general is warning President-elect Donald Trump against repealing the Clean Power Plan, saying it would lead to more lawsuits. The group, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) and representing 14 states and five localities, wrote Thursday that it is in Trump’s best interest to preserve Obama’s More

By: Sarah Willey

One of the most significant threats to our health and our livelihood is climate change.  I was so disappointed when I read that 24 state officials, including my own attorney general Chris Koster in Missouri, wrote a letter requesting the repeal of the Clean Power Plan when President-elect Trump takes office in January. That’s not to More

By: Denni Cawley

Despite ongoing denial of climate change and the risks of air pollution by certain politicians, environmental regulation has been essential for states and cities to protect public health. But expanding fossil fuel extraction and weakening environmental regulations — the core of President-elect Donald Trump’s approach to environmental policy — would be disastrous for the communities More

By: Andrew Gillum

If President-elect Donald Trump wants to know if climate change is real, he need look no further than communities across the great state of Florida. Millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars in Fort Lauderdale are spent to fix repeatedly flooded roads and drains, even from as far as six miles away from the coast. Hallandale Beach More

By: William W. Buzbee

Donald J. Trump has named Scott Pruitt, a leading opponent of President Obama’s signature environmental initiatives, as his nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Pruitt, Oklahoma’s attorney general, is closely linked to fossil fuel industries and is a climate change skeptic. He was most likely chosen to reverse these environmental initiatives, a deeply More

By: Ambassador William J. Burns, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Deputy Secretary of State

With the EU’s ratification, the Paris Climate Agreement is set to enter into force.  This is a historic turning point in the fight against one of the most consequential global threats of our time.  Here at home, we face another turning point with the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s hearing of More

By: The New York Times Editorial Board

In eight years, President Obama has established a strong record in fighting climate change, including ambitious fuel efficiency standards aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions from cars and trucks. But one very important part of his strategy remains in legal limbo — the Clean Power Plan, a rule created by the Environmental Protection Agency that More

By: The Washington Post Editorial Board

In what may lead to the definitive word on President Obama’s signature climate-change policy, the nation’s second-most prominent court heard several hours of arguments Tuesday on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Buoyed by an unexpected and unusual Supreme Court stay on the plan issued this year, opponents of the policy argued that the Obama More

By: Clark Mindock

In Pinecrest, Florida, it doesn’t even have to rain these days for the streets to flood. Rising sea levels caused by global climate change means that water from storm drains or the nearby ocean regularly covers the city. The wet stuff puts a strain on Pinecrest’s septic tanks, putting the city at continual risk of public health crises and infrastructure More

By: Professor Jonathan Zasloff, UCLA Law

Back around the turn of the 20th century, New York’s Republican machine was run by Senator Thomas Platt, whose ability to bridge factional gaps gave him the title of “The Easy Boss.” Even though President Obama has attempted the same thing, he will have no such luck. Witness, for example, the states — virtually all More