By: Richard Revesz, dean emeritus and Lawrence King Professor of Law at New York University School of Law and director of the Institute for Policy Integrity, and Denise Grab and Jack Lienke, senior attorneys at the Institute for Policy Integrity.

In a critical federal court hearing this month, challengers of the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature climate change policy, will characterize the Plan as an “enormous and transformative expansion” of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory power. Their legal briefs argue that, in its pursuit of reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from the More

By Nichola Groom and Valerie Volcovici

The 27 states challenging Obama’s Clean Power Plan in court say the lower emissions levels it would impose are an undue burden. But most are likely to hit them anyway. Already, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Dakota appear to be meeting the CPP’s early targets. And changes in the power market, along with policies More

By: Heather Zichal, former deputy assistant to the president for energy and climate change and one of the architects of President Obama’s national Climate Action Plan.

The disconnect between the reality of climate change and Donald Trump’s phony dismissal of the issue couldn’t be more frustrating to a country in need of solutions, not slogans. Hillary Clinton has promised to protect critical ongoing policies from the current administration. But unless there are new majorities in Congress, if elected she will face More

The fossil-fuel lobby’s desperate defense of the largest source of anthropogenic carbon pollution, coal-fired electricity plants, could choke Pennsylvania’s efforts to tailor federal pollution control efforts to the state’s needs and take advantage of more promising energy resources. Instead of helping people who depend on coal for power and a living make the transition to More

Regardless of how the Clean Power Plan plays out in court, Montana must get back on track. It must not commit public resources to propping up an industry that damages public health. Montanans must remind our governor and congressional delegates that the state still needs to plan for a future that includes a strong, diversified More

It was a foregone conclusion that Texas’ highest elected officials would slam the Clean Power Plan. Attorney General Ken Paxton has vowed to sue the Obama administration over the new environmental rules, which will dramatically cut carbon emissions from power plants. Likewise, Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to lead the charge against what he characterized More