You hear a lot of flattering but unverifiable numbers and predictions attached to the Obama administration’s plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. (It’ll be like removing 166 million cars from the highway! The health savings will far outstrip the cost!) But if you focus on one scary fact — climate change is happening — More

Energy policy dinosaurs are trying to trample new Environmental Protection Agency rules designed to cut carbon pollution from its most prolific source: coal-fired electricity plants. Republicans in Congress and 10 governors are fighting the Clean Power Plan, which would regulate carbon dioxide from coal plants. Each state is supposed to draft its own plan. Some More

If carbon dioxide emissions were purple and pungent, instead of colorless and odorless, the clean-power standards President Obama announced Monday wouldn’t be necessary. Public outcry over the smelly purple haze would have long ago prompted Congress to put a price on carbon pollution and make alternative energy sources far more competitive. But the 6 billion More