About the Case

What is the threat? 

Climate change presents a clear and growing threat to every facet of American life — from public health and safety to the economy. Rising sea levels, extreme weather, increased risk of heat-related illness, and more asthma attacks are just some of the ways that climate change is reshaping our country.

What can we do?

We must take decisive action to protect every American’s right to grow up healthy and safe. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan includes lifesaving standards that do just that.

What is the legal foundation?

The Clean Power Plan is built on a strong legal foundation, using the EPA’s existing authority to address carbon pollution.

Who are the opponents?

Polluters are denying science and trying to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, ignoring industry trends and the risk that carbon pollution poses to Americans every day.

Who are the supporters?

From state leaders to a broad coalition of faith and industry leaders, the Clean Power Plan has drawn support from a diverse group of Americans concerned about climate change.


What’s the threat?

Climate Change

What can we do?

The Clean Power Plan

What’s the case?

Legal Foundation

Who are the opponents?


Who are the supporters?

A Broad Coalition